George and Alice Finkle's Visit - March 2001

George is a cousin who we located through the internet,  He and his wife live in San Bernardino, CA, and were making their first trip to the South.  They spent a few days with us and we were all able to show them some of the highlights of our area.  Of course, our two year drought came to an end while they were here and they got mired in wet Georgia red clay on at least two occasions.  We hope they enjoyed their stay, we certainly enjoyed meeting them, visiting with them, and sharing old family stories.  I think the highlight of George's visit was his meeting "Wildman" Dent Myers, one of the most colorful characters around Kennesaw!


They traveled out here in their luxurious motorhome

We visited Alatoona Pass, which was a vital point in the Battle of Atlanta as the Western and Atlantic Railway traveled from the north through this pass to Atlanta. Unfortunately the yankee invaders seized it and built a fort on the two sides of the railway cut.  The eastern side is a Star Fort, so named for its shape.  This one at Alatoona is remarkably preserved.  You can see the earthworks that remain the the pictures behind us.