Scandinavian Cruise - June 2004

MS Westerdam - Holland America Line

11 June 2004 - Harwich, England

Cliff Hotel, our hotel in Harwich

Harwich from the Rotterdam

14 June 2005 - Bergen Norway

Phil and Marilyn at Gamle Bergen

Seen from the dock area

Gamle Bergen

15 June 2004 - Hellesylt, Norway

Hellesylt from the Rotterdam

15 June 2004 - Geiranger, Norway

Marilyn in Geiranger

Phil saving Marilyn from the Troll

Cruising the fjords

Cruising the fjords

Cruising the fjords - Seven Sisters Waterfall

Cruising the fjords

17 June 2004 -Tromsø, Norway

Phil having his 10 AM feeding at Mack Ølhallen, the northernmost commercial brewery in the world

Street scene in Tromsø

Looking into Tromsdalen at the Artic Kirke

18 June 2004 - Honningsvåg, Norway


Just to give an idea of where we are

Phil at the Sarry Makk Microbrewery, Honningsvåg (means "sorry to Mack Brewery" who used to be the northernmost brewery in the world and who is now relegated to the northernmost commercial brewery in the world!)

Street scene in Honninsvåg

18 June 2004 - Nord Kapp, Norway (Europe's Most Northern Point)

Nord Kapp

Marilyn and Phil at Nord Kapp

Cruising the North Cape

The Midnight Sun

20 June 2004 -Trondheim, Norway

Marilyn and her cousin, Elsa Endresen. Marilyn's father Sverre had emigrated from Trondheim to the US


Trondheim and the Westerdam

21 June 2004 - Vik, Norway

Vik and the Westerdam

On the road to Voss

Summer farmhouse on the road to Voss

On the road to Voss

21 June 2004 - Voss, Norway

Phil at Welcome sign


21 June 2004 - Flam, Norway

Flam from the Flamsbana (railroad)


Cruising the fjord with a great rainbow!

22 June 2004 - Stavanger, Norway

Outdoor market at Stavanager

Monument to Norwegians who emigrated to America


Marilyn at waterfront with Westerdam

Stavanger waterfront

23 June 2004 - Skagen, Denmark


Skagen lighthouse

Marilyn in downtown Skagen

24 June 2004 - Copenhagen, Denmark

The cruise was now over and we started a one week automobile trip through Sweden and Norway.

Phil at Kronborg Castle, Copenhagen

26 June 2004 - Oslo, Norway

Phil with the Osberg ship that was built about 815 AD and was used as a burial vessel around 834 AD at the Viking Ship Museum with was excavated in 1914, Bygdøy, Oslo

Phil with Thor Heyerdahl's balsa raft Kon Tiki that he sailed from Peru to Polynesnia in 1947. The vessel is housed at the Kon Tiki Museum in Bygdøy, Oslo

26-27 June 2004 - Vestre Slidre, Norway

Phil's great great grandfather Finkjel Finkjelsen and his family lived here near Loman overlooking Slidrefjord. They emigrated to the US in 1850.

Phil at the Einang Stone. This runestone is one of a very few that remain in the very place where it was inscribed in the fourth century AD. The inscription reads "I Gudgjest made these runes."

Looking down to Slidrefjord from the burial site located next to the Einang Stone

The Loman Stave Church, one of the few left standing in Norway

Phil at the entrance to the Grythe Farm from which his paternal ancestors left to emigrate to Wisconsin in 1850

Vestre Slidre and Slidrefjord

28 June 2004 - Halmstad, Sweden

The Najadan, a training ship from 1897 to 1938

29 June 2004 - Växjö, Sweden

Ruins of Kronobergs Castle near Växjö from the 16th Century AD

29 June 2004 - Bornholm, Øland Island, Sweden

Enjoying ice cream at Bornholm Castle, Bornholm

Phil being knighted at Bornholm Castle, Bornholm

29-30 June 2004 - Ystad, Sweden

Downtown Ystad

Medieval house in Ystad, one of hundreds in the Gamle

St. Peter's Church and Monastery in Ystad


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