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Our Trip to the Azores- May/June 2019, click HERE

Our Rhine River Cruise - March/April 2017, click HERE

Our Eastern Caribbean Cruise - March 2015, click HERE

Our Southeastern Pacific Cruise - April-May 2014, click HERE

Our Baltic Trip - August 2013, click HERE

Our Spain-France-Italy Trip - March 2013, click HERE

Our Western Mediterranean Cruise - August/September 2012, click HERE

Our Far East Cruise - April/May 2011, click HERE

Our South Pacific Cruise - April/May 2010, click HERE

Our North Atlantic Cruise - August/September 2009, click HERE

Our Caribbean and Panama Canal Cruise - November 2008 , click HERE

Our Black Sea and Mid East Cruise - May 2008, click HERE

Our Trans-Atlantic Cruise - April-May 2007, click HERE

Our Antarctic And Chile Expedition - December 2006, click HERE

Our Russian River Cruise - May-June 2006, click HERE

Our Eastern Mediterranean Cruise - May 2005, click HERE

Our Scandinavian Cruise - June 2004, click HERE

Our Christmas Market Cruise on the Danube/Main/Rhine - November-December 2003, click HERE

My UK Work Assignment - February 1994-March 1995, click HERE

Our Visit to Poland and East Europe - September 1993, click HERE

A business trip to Australia - April 1993, click HERE

Our trip to Europe with our kids - August 1988, click HERE

Our trip from Madrid to Rome - September 1984, click HERE

Business trips to France and Germany - 1979-1980, click HERE

Business trips to Japan - 1976-1978, click HERE

Our trip to Alaska and the Yukon - September 1970, click HERE

Our trip to Eastern Europe - July-August 1969, click HERE

Our first trip to Europe September-October 1968, click HERE

George and Alice's Visit March 2001, click   HERE

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